Why do fruit shops like to cut watermelon in half? The four reasons behind it are not simple

Why do fruit shops like to cut watermelon in half? The four reasons behind it are not simple

Timing into the midsummer, eating watermelon has become a good companion for many people to cool down, but I don’t know if anyone found out why most of the watermelons sold in fruit shops or roadside stalls are split in half or cut into large pieces. What about the red flesh wrapped in plastic wrap?
According to a report on Sina.com , merchants will do this. There are actually four reasons behind it. Perhaps many people are not sure. Most people would think that it is the businessmen who are intimate and considerate to consumers. Those who worry about having few family members will buy big watermelon and go back, they will not be able to eat it.
The owner of the fruit merchant said that the first reason is that exposing the red part of the watermelon will promote people's appetite and visual experience, and the red flesh will make people have a strong appetite. I didn't want to eat watermelon, and I might not want to eat a whole green watermelon, but when I saw the cut watermelon, I immediately wanted to eat it, so the merchant used this method to increase sales.
Second, cut the watermelon, you can clearly see the quality of the watermelon. Many people are not very good at picking watermelons, often picking too ripe or too raw, so the merchant cut the watermelon directly, so that consumers can see the cooked or unripe at a glance when choosing, compared to tapping watermelons one by one, It is useful and time-saving to choose by listening to the sound.
Third, cut open and sell without waste. Now many small families in the society, even singles and solitary people, are not few. Buying a whole watermelon and eating it back is easy to eat or leave for too long, so just buy half a watermelon and you don’t have to worry about it. Or put it broken.
Fourth, the price is cheap and easy to sell. Although the watermelon enters the production season and the price is not expensive, the cut watermelon is still cheaper than the whole one. For many people, it is easier to accept the cheap price, and the number of people buying will also increase, increasing sales.
However, the report also reminded that watermelon has a very high sugar content, even higher than apples, plums, peaches, grapes and other fruits. Eating too much at once in a short period of time may cause blood sugar to rise rapidly and increase the burden on the kidneys, especially for diabetic patients. Be careful.


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