The four brothers of Yan Qingbiao all have cancer! Is cancer really inherited?

The four brothers of Yan Qingbiao all have cancer! Is cancer really inherited?

All four brothers have cancer! Chairman Tachia Palace Lan Yen Ching-piao was due to liver cancer and cirrhosis, May 13 to the Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for liver transplant surgery, two-thirds of the liver donated by his second son, today (6/5) early today He was discharged home and recuperated. Before leaving the hospital, it was reported that his third brother, Yan Qingshan, was also hospitalized for liver cancer, and the liver replacement authority, Chen Zhaolong, also confirmed today that he was being diagnosed and treated for Yan Qingshan.
Later, it was reported that Yan Qingbiao's third brother Yan Qingshan was also admitted to Kaohsiung Chang Gung Hospital for liver cancer. Chen Zhaolong said he was suffering from liver tumors, and he is not sure whether he will also undergo liver transplantation. In addition to Yan Qingbiao and his third brother Yan Qingshan suffering from liver cancer, his eldest brother Yan Qingtong and his second brother Yan Qingjin also suffered from throat cancer and oral cancer, respectively. All four brothers in the family suffered from cancer!
Relatives and friends of the Yan family said that the Yan family brothers are high-spirited and entertaining. When they were young, they often drank and ate betel nuts. This may have caused harm to their health. . Such a case can't help but make people think. Although the poor living habits of the four young people led to an increased chance of cancer, all four brothers have cancer. Does this have anything to do with genetic inheritance?

Will cancer be inherited?

According to the information of the Genetic Counseling Center of Kaohsiung Medical University, cancer is not necessarily genetically generated, but it will be passed on to the next generation through mutations in genes on the germ cells, increasing the chances of children developing cancer. For example, breast cancer , if the mother has breast cancer, the chance of her daughter suffering from breast cancer is 2 to 3 times that of the average person, so family history is undoubtedly a high risk factor for breast cancer.
The American Society of Clinical Oncology defines this kind of cancer as "hereditary cancer", which is a carcinogenic mutation in a single gene, which will give the next generation a high risk of cancer. In particular, 2 people in the third class suffer from the same or related cancer. The most common hereditary cancers are colorectal cancer, rectal cancer , breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung adenocarcinoma, and prostate cancer. Those with a family history should pay special attention!
Although cancer can be passed on to the next generation through genetic genes , the proportion of most cancer genetic cases is not high. Instead, it is the dual effects of genetic mutations of the acquired body cells and the environment that are the main cause of cancer. Nonetheless, this small group of hereditary cancer patients cannot be ignored, because they still have a high risk of cancer!

Genetic testing for hereditary cancer

How do you know if you are a high-risk group of hereditary cancer? In fact, you can observe the medical history of your family members and conduct genetic testing. If unfortunately there is a genetic abnormality, you should cooperate with the doctor to start preventive measures as soon as possible, so that the death rate from cancer can also be greatly reduced.
High-risk groups should be tested for genetic genes before they get cancer, to see if there are abnormalities in cancer-related genes, and early detection can be treated early. But the biggest problem with this type of screening is that it cannot be detected with 100% accuracy. Some people have no mutations in their genes but still have cancer, while some people with abnormal genes may not necessarily have cancer outbreaks, but may easily cause excessive panic.
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