Solar terms and health / "Mangosteen" began to become hot and cool melons and fruits to eat and drink

Solar terms and health / "Mangosteen" began to become hot and cool melons and fruits to eat and drink

June 5th is the "mango species" in the 24 solar terms. In summer, the fruit should be exhausted. Chinese medicine reminds people with frail physique to eat cold melons and fruits, and to eat hot lychees. Pay attention.
Mangosteen species used to have "Xiaoman" before, and then "Summer Solstice", which means that the rice and wheat in the Yellow River Basin have spit out and become thick, and grow thin awns. At the same time, they also announce that the weather is starting to get hot.
As the popular saying goes, "Mang rains in April, there is no dry soil in May, and Huo Po burns in June," which means that if it rains on the mang planting day, it will go down to May in succession; "Mang planting summer solstice, mango (mango) falls "Refers to the mangoes in southern Taiwan, which are marketed after the mangoes are planted; "The mangoes are also found in Leimei, and the rain in Duanyang is a good year", which means that the rainwater of the mangoes is a sign of a good harvest.
Watermelon, mango, pineapple, and lychee are seasonal fruits, sweet and juicy, but "all melons are cold", those with a frail physique who eat too much melon fruits such as watermelon or muskmelon may have diarrhea at night, it is best Still tasting.
As for the red, full-ripe mangoes, and the fat and sweet lychees, the people of Taiwan know that they are hot fruits and eat easily.
From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, eating too much litchi and longan will increase the fire of the heart and liver. The symptom is that the eye canthus (eye shit) becomes more, it is easy to fall asleep or the mouth is dry, and people with chronic diseases such as diabetes can not eat more sweets. Tall fruit. The big mango may itch the skin and cause skin allergies . Those with atopic dermatitis should control their appetite.
Cold days are easy to catch colds. In summer, they come out of the air-conditioned room and come into contact with hot air at once, which produces a wind-heat type cold. The patient's symptoms are not cold, but dizziness, or a nose feels uncomfortable. Heat will cause people to produce moisture, and damp heat must be cleared to be able to dampen. If you are not a person with a cold constitution , you can drink coconut juice, bitter tea, green tea, lemon juice, but it also depends on your physical condition.

"Mang Seed" Hot Tea

★Yuzhu Soup
Material: Appropriate amount of Yuzhu
How to: Cook the ingredients with water and fire, and add rock sugar according to taste.
Efficacy: Yuzhu is sweet, slightly cold, can nourish yin and moisten dryness , and relieve thirst . It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve dry cough and reduce phlegm, less thirst and less cold. Yuzhu often stew meat with Adenophora.
★Chrysanthemum tea
Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, red dates, Adenophora, perilla, mint, crystal sugar, dried herbs, white lentils and other medicinal materials, put them in a medicine bag
How to cook: After boiling the material over high heat and boiling water, take out the medicine bag and add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to drink.
Efficacy: Shengjin quenches thirst, clears heat and anneals.


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