Shizuka Arakawa is looking for job hunting... A change in V

Shizuka Arakawa is looking for job hunting... A change in V

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There is no "what if" world in reality. Still, everyone will only imagine. Going back to the turning point of your life, and thinking about different paths that branch off... Arakawa Shizuka was one such person.

A genius girl who participated in the Nagano Olympic Games in 1998 in the first year of high school was planning to finish the figure skating competition at university considering the financial burden on parents. Waseda University was thinking of "employment". In the summer of 2003, when I was in the fourth year of university, I sent one entry sheet to the TBS Sports Bureau.

When I was only leaving my thesis until graduation, I was mostly in the US, partly because of participation in the show. I tried to suppress the return flight in a hurry, but the summer vacation season. It was full of reservations. I asked if I could shift the date, but I refused.

It was decided that the job search would be done after graduation. He won the third Japanese championship at the World Championship in March 2004, when he was absent from the graduation ceremony.With this, I can do job hunting." It was the end of beauty. However, the people who were supporting job hunting were all singing "continuation" all at once. No one told me to stop.

He said that the season 04-05, the year after he reached the stage, was "a completely unmotivated time. The darkness where the exit was completely invisible". I lost sight of my goal and didn't know where I was going. The world championship in March 2005, which took place as the world queen, was ranked 9th. It was the last Japanese who participated.

The beginning of May, about a month later. At Narita Airport heading to Connecticut, the practice base, she burst into a magazine she could read. For some reason it was a "Hawaii" guide book. When I asked, "It's fun if you can feel like going." It was a look for salvation. I still don't know anyone reading Hawaiian books with such a depressed face.

However, when she returned to Japan in June, she realized, "I noticed that I wasn't happy enough to die when I returned home." A face that decided to close the escape area of the mind. I felt so.

On February 23, 2006, at the Turin Olympic Women's Figure Skating, she won the gold medal from the third place in the short program. In this event, the Japanese is the first Asian as well as the first peak. And it became the only medal in Japan at the same competition. I remember that the letters written in the notebook quivered in the press seat in the cheering like a rumbling. For some reason, I felt as if I was enthusiastic about being hugged by a foreign reporter. The pronoun "Inabauer" has also become a buzzword award.

“So, if you were able to get a job at TBS... If you didn't win the 2004 World Championship... If you didn't have the 2005 World Championship (...), what would life be like? I didn't know."

On December 12, 2011, a narrow flight from Quebec, Canada to the destination of New Jersey, USA. I happened to be next to each other on my way home after finishing the GP Finals. It was the story of her "what if..." that was told in a flight of about two hours. [Kento Imamura]


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