Shi Shenghui / Third Life to regain friendship! Old classmates, how are you all?

Shi Shenghui / Third Life to regain friendship! Old classmates, how are you all?

Looking at the third life from the movie 5: "3 Fools" old classmates, how are you all?

If you want to ask the Indian movie that you think is the best to watch recently, I think many people will say "3 Fools". On the one hand, the movie celebrates the friendship of the three college buddies, and on the other, it explores the rigid education system in India. Students at all stages may be old friends who have the deepest friendship in life, because when they are studying, everyone lives together every day. After going out of the society and working, the students generally do not have any interest, even not Because of the struggle in the workplace, you have to be intimidated, so you can maintain a longer-term friendship.
When everyone is working hard for their own careers, many people may not have participated in the class meeting, one is busy work, but also has to take care of the family, and has no time; two, each person’s career development is different, some people are smooth, some are backward; three, the economic situation is good or bad Different, do not want to fall into the embarrassment of comparing each other.
After entering the third life, the old classmates are willing to meet each other, because everyone no longer cares about each other's wealth and status, so the classmates will become the focus of many people's lives.
Since the year before last, my college classmates have retired from the workplace one after another , so it is popular for everyone to run "retirement party", which has become an important ceremony for us to enter the third life. On the first night of the resignation of the mayor of New Taipei City, Zhu Lilun had an appointment with all his classmates. I am special because I was forced to retire from the company I was working in in 2003, so I run "entry school" to celebrate my admission to the in-service professional class of the Master of Film Department of Taiwan Arts University.
Now that communication software is well developed, university classmates have of course set up a Line group. Not only is it more convenient to hold a class meeting, but you can also share your current life on it from time to time, or recommend worthwhile books, movies, or travel locations. However, the above message will inevitably have some views on politics, so it is easy to cause conflicts between classmates, such as the recent Han Fan or the issue of marriage, may make the students turn their backs. My wife’s classmates have happened to people who have dropped out of the group and even have never been friends since. Advise everyone that "political" and "religious" topics are definitely taboo among classmates, and it is best to avoid them altogether.
One of my college classmates once publicly said on the group that I was a "speculator". Of course I saw that I was very sad. Other students even came out to help me refute. However, I still thank him for his honesty, so as not to participate in the class meeting afterwards. I treated him warmly because I didn't know it. I didn't choke with him in the group, but I have silently deleted him from my life, and he might do the same. Entering the third life, you really have to "break away", in fact, this also includes old classmates and old friends.
Except for my college classmates, my previous school days were actually in the same school. This may be a rare experience for most people. I was studying in a private school since I was a child, and then went all the way to its junior high school and high school, so I have many classmates who have lived together for 12 years, and even now, some people have known each other for 54 years. This kind of friendship is better than my university classmates. Among them, some of my better classmates have also set up a "meal gang", which takes turns to hold dinners every three months. It has lasted for several years, and even the other half of each other has become good friend. The best part is that there are doctors in dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and neurology. Sometimes when you feel unwell, you can use Line to see the doctor directly. Classmates will shrink to only a few close friends, and of course they will last longer.
Of course, some of my classmates have emigrated abroad for many years, or they have not lived in the same city. It is indeed difficult to often meet, but fortunately, there are social networking sites, such as Facebook , which is most often used by most people . Tell everyone you are an important medium for everything to do. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, go and apply as soon as possible. I don’t want everyone to often show love on Facebook, or to show off travel and food, but I hope that everyone occasionally PO some life photos, or press likes, so at least let your old classmates know that you are safe, but also give each other a kind of intimate Consolation, even if some classmates suddenly disappeared on Facebook for a while, I would still ask him "How have you been recently?" 
It is now an era where it is relatively easy to keep interacting with old classmates, so it shouldn't be lost to them casually, is it?


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