Runaway coverage just before the Seoul Olympics/The moment when reporters look back

Runaway coverage just before the Seoul Olympics/The moment when reporters look back 

The government's declaration of an emergency has been extended, and therefore the sports world remains “self-restraint”. "My Memories", where daily sports reporters introduce the moments they see, hear, and feel with their own eyes. Following the soccer edition, a reporter responsible of the Olympics, sumo and battle will deliver it. 32 years ago, a reporter at the 1988 Seoul Olympics swam within the production pool with representative players like Daichi Suzuki and others! ?

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Next to the players within the inverted triangle, they were during a todo state. I moved around by the pool, wondering when the guards would find me. In August 1988, one month before the opening of the Olympics, I swam at the Jamsil swimming bath , which was just completed in Seoul. Speaking of "experience-based interviews," it sounds good, but looking back now, it's "runaway interviews" that completely ignored the principles .

"It's easy to urge records within the latest pool." Contacting the desk was the source of the error . "Why don't you swim by yourself? Why does one swim? I waited for the japanese swimming team bus outside the venue. i assumed there was no thanks to get in except to urge lost within the players.

Believing the staff's words, "I think it's okay if we get in together," we turned over the interview pass, chatted with the players, and went into the venue. The soldiers' guns at the doorway were scary, and that i was suspicious (thinking) at several soldiers, but I managed to place them in.

Although she was wearing swimming pants, which she wore under her pants, she didn't desire a swimmer. I wanted to enter the pool early, but there's a stretch before entering the water. The players have a frosty check out the "intruders." The reporters at the stand were also laughing and were surprised at what they were doing.

As the photographer instructed me to remain as on the brink of Suzuki as possible, I approached the japanese ace. He said with amusing , "Shall I compete?", but i can not afford to answer. once I entered the pool with the players, I swam for about 10 minutes so as to not get within the way of practice.

I couldn't find it somehow, but i used to be so nervous that I had sweats on my hands and my heart was pounding. I wrote "I felt easy to swim without the waves" "I felt 50 meters short", but i do not remember. Originally, an amateur who decides to swim several times a year. you can't know the standard of the water within the pool.

Daichi told me that it is easy to swim and kick, and Shigehiro Takahashi said that "the kick is good", but he's pitying his poor desk. i might wish to thank the present Secretary of Sports Agency and therefore the daily sports critics for his or her consideration.

At the Seoul Olympics, he witnessed four gold medals, including the world . I saw the trophy of Mikoko Otani, the trophy of Ben Johnson (later stripped) of the 100-meter male runner, and Seiko Hashimoto's bicycle challenge, but it had been the infiltration into the pool that left a robust impression. I miss the days when it had been allowed (although not good) at an equivalent time because the security was weak.

The Games Organizing Committee knew, of course. He was sneaked into the athlete village in the dark and was interviewed by Otani. At that point , Yasuhiro Nozaki, the overall manager of the sports department, was called by the JOC and said he was apologized for being angry at him and said, "A severe protest has come. After returning to Japan, he said with amusing , "It was difficult." the assembly pool that swims within the last Showa Olympics. i can not forget that intense tension and therefore the cool eyes of the players. (Honorifics omitted) [Koichi Ogishima]


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