【People】It took 70 days! 9-year-old British cerebral palsy boy completes charity marathon challenge!

【People】It took 70 days! 9-year-old British cerebral palsy boy completes charity marathon challenge!

On May 31, Tobias Weller, a 9-year-old British boy with cerebral palsy and autism who was unable to move normally, completed his charity marathon! In more than 70 days, he completed 26.2 miles (42.195 kilometers) in stages. The moment he crossed the finish line, he won cheers from neighbors, family and friends!

Why did the little boy Weller challenge the marathon?

The story starts two months ago. In April this year, Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old British veteran of World War II, decided to do something for the British National Health Service (NHS) to thank the medical staff during his cancer treatment The help and careful care given.
Moore plans to walk 100 times around his garden before raising his 100th birthday on April 30 to raise £1,000. A 25-meter lap looks simple, but for a centenarian who has had cancer and has difficulty walking, every step is remarkable.

More than 700,000 people from 65 countries in the world have donated more than 33 million pounds, and the amount continues to increase. Because there are too many people who wish to donate money for Moore, his page on JustGiving, the UK's largest charity fundraising site, was once paralyzed. When he reached the last lap, the soldiers of the first battalion of the Yorkshire regiment formed a guard of honor to salute him. In order to thank him for his righteous act, Moore was awarded the Knight Medal and the rank was promoted to Colonel.
Moore is particularly happy with the money he has raised. He said that as long as people donated money, he would continue to go on, he also said: "You must remember, we will come out in the end, everything will be fine." The

elder's efforts and efforts were moved Many people, including the brave little boy Tobias Weller, Weller usually use walkers and their mothers to go out for a walk. This is also a sport during their epidemic prevention. This time he decided to challenge his charity marathon.
At the beginning of this challenge, he could only walk 50 meters a day, and it was difficult to push the walker. Now he can push the walker 750 meters on the flat ground every day, and even push the walker uphill.

When Weller completed the 42.195 km challenge, his mother Ruth Garbutt wore a medal for the little warrior.
 And he also said happily, "I am stronger every day, and the neighbors cheered me." ,awesome!"
Weller's marathon challenge raised more than 50,000 pounds. He and his family plan to donate the money to the Children's Hospital Charity and a local special needs school. 

Among the people cheering for him, everything from the school principal to the teachers did to him With pride, the staff of the Children’s Hospital said, "He inspired everyone in the hospital!" 
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