Lost weight liver index still exceeds the standard? These 5 kinds of food can't be eaten

Lost weight liver index still exceeds the standard? These 5 kinds of food can't be eaten

The 19-year-old Xiao Chen, who was approaching 100 in weight, unexpectedly discovered that hepatic index exceeded the standard when he participated in the military service physical examination. At first, the doctor diagnosed fatty liver and recommended that he start to lose weight. Although he lost weight a year later, the hepatic index remained high. In turn, he found that the copper ions in the urine were abnormally high, and he was diagnosed with Wilson's disease .
Lin Youda, an attending physician at the Hepatobiliary and Gastroenterology Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Asia University, said Wilson's disease is a genetic disease. Abnormal genes cause problems with copper ion metabolism, causing excessive copper to precipitate in the liver, brain, cornea, etc. Abnormal organ function. These symptoms often occur in late adolescence, often with liver or nervous system symptoms. Some people's eyes may even have a typical brown-green ring because of copper ion accumulation.
According to statistics, the liver is the only affected organ in about half of the patients. The liver index is usually slightly higher than normal in the early stage of the disease. As hepatitis continues to worsen, symptoms such as jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, and ascites will occur.
In addition, excessive copper will accumulate in the brain and damage nerves. Patients will gradually develop abnormal neurological manifestations such as tremors, involuntary movements, slurred speech, unstable pace, or other mental illnesses such as depression, Mania, personality changes, and even suicidal behavior; if left untreated, the patient's liver and brain will continue to be damaged and die early.
Lin Youda mentioned that regarding Wilson's disease, the longer the onset, the greater the damage to the body and organs, so the treatment plan should be implemented as soon as possible. The most common drug is a copper sting, which can combine copper in the serum and promote Its discharge can reduce the accumulation of copper in various tissues of the body, and other auxiliary drugs are zinc acetate, which can prevent the absorption of copper in food by the small intestine.
Wilson's disease is a genetically abnormal disease, so patients should take the medicine for life. Lin Youda reminded that once the drug is stopped, the related symptoms may come back. As for the daily diet, foods with high copper content such as chocolate, stone fruit, animal liver, and shell Seafoods, mushrooms, etc. should be avoided as much as possible . Since the patient's brothers and sisters also have a chance of getting sick, regardless of whether there are symptoms, it is recommended that they be screened.


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