[Knowledge] Follow the Jade Rabbit goddess to understand the etiquette of the runway

[Knowledge] Follow the Jade Rabbit goddess to understand the etiquette of the runway

As everyone pays more attention to health, the participation of all sports in the promotion of the atmosphere, according to the statistics of the Sports Department, Taiwan has run nearly 500 road races in one year. With the participation in major road races, I want to improve myself to break through the PB and allocate leisure time Walk into the playground for training, let us understand the venue and etiquette together!
The general outdoor international standard PU runway is 400 meters, which is a length of 30 meters outside the innermost edge of the stone. The length of the other runways increases by about 7.854 meters [the track width is 1.25 meters, which is equivalent to a diameter of 2.5 meters. Multiply the pi to get every additional distance]:
Runway 1: 400 meters
Runway 2: 407.85 meters
Runway 3: 415.7 meters
Runway 4: 423.56 meters
Runway 5: 431.41 meters
Runway 6: 439.27 Meter
7th runway: 447.12 meters
Runway 8: 454.97 meters.

Recognize "Runway Etiquette"
1, 2 races, test runway
3, 4 high-speed runway
5, 6 slow runway
7, 8 promenade
can run in reverse direction except runway 8, but pay attention to "commendable" forward personnel
1. When we are jogging, the track is continuously overtaken, indicating that we are joggers on the track and should move to the outer lane.
2. When we jog, we need to constantly surpass others, indicating that we are fast runners on the track and should move to the inner lane.
3. Although the speed is not slow, when half of the people on the runway overtake you, you should move to the outer runway.
4. Fast runners who like to accumulate mileage in the outer circle should keep 1m of overtaking space and respect the rights of users who walk slowly on the outer lane. Below 8 tracks, it is recommended to divide into the inner half of the fast runway and the outer half of the slow runway.

Why is running backwards instead of running forward❓ (different opinions)
1. Because the heart is located on the left side of the body, the center of gravity is easy to shift to the left. Running counterclockwise will be smoother and faster, and blood will flow smoothly to the aorta due to the centrifugal force.
2. Some scientists believe that if the North Pole is the center, the earth rotates counterclockwise, so running counterclockwise is more consistent.
3. Prof. Yaichiro Hiraike, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, known as the "Doctor of the Foot": "Human feet have their roles on the left and right. The left foot shares the support function (supports the center of gravity); the right foot shares the exercise function (master Direction and speed).

"Jade Rabbit Goddess" You Yajun's Profile
Department of Competitive Studies, National Taiwan Sports University
Best result:
5000M-17:05:51 (105 Taiwan International Athletics Open)
10000M-36:21:78 (102 National Games)
Half Marathon-1:20:00 (2015 Golden Gate Marathon)
Full Marathon- 2:48:10 (2015 Daegu International Marathon in Korea)
Personal fan page: You Yajun Ya-Jyun You


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