Holiday sports are not healthy? Beware of these injuries

Holiday sports are not healthy? Beware of these injuries

30-year-old Ms. Chen is busy with work on the weekdays and hardly exercises much, but is worried about her body shape, and hopes to exercise immunity to fight against the invasion of the new crown virus, and the holiday to the swimming pool crazy exercise, did not expect to get up the next day, the right knee pain and swelling , Unable to walk.
Emergency medical ultrasound examination of the knee found that the top of her patella are different, out of 30 ml of water with an empty needle, diagnosed as caused by excessive use of joint injuries , Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital rehabilitation department physician Zhang Qiongmin reminders, sports and fitness should be gradual To avoid being a "holiday athlete".
Zhang Qiongmin said that Ms. Chen usually does not exercise, but when she goes on holiday, she excessively swims, coupled with insufficient warm-up or exercise posture, etc., causing knee joint inflammation and water accumulation, and similar situations are also common in running sports or holiday mountaineering. Usually lack of exercise, lack of muscle strength , once excessive exercise, too much exercise, may cause muscle or tendon injuries, this is commonly known as "holiday athletes", is a high-risk group of sports injuries.
The doctor reminded that regular exercise habits should be established, not all concentrated on holidays, and time can also be taken to exercise from Monday to Friday. The National Health Agency recommends the "531" principle. Exercise an average of 5 days a week, with an average of 30 minutes per day. The heartbeat can reach more than 110 beats per minute. As long as the exercise level reaches a slight wheeze, but the intensity of speaking can still be.
Zhang Qiongmin pointed out that if you want to reduce sports injuries to achieve weight loss, you must also have a balanced diet, appropriate protein supplements, and provide the basis for the body's muscles. At this time, with the exercise to exercise muscle strength, and then increase the basic metabolic rate , you can do more with less. If everything is difficult to start, it is recommended that people who want to exercise but have no exercise habits first find a sport suitable for fun, and then invite friends to find friends or like-minded people to exercise together to enhance the fun of sports.
In addition, repeating a single exercise should be avoided to reduce sports injuries. Different exercise methods can be arranged, such as: aerobic exercise, muscle weight training , stretching activities, etc., which have a multiplier effect on physical performance.


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