Emergency doctors sincerely confess: facing the corpse is not easy

Emergency doctors sincerely confess: facing the corpse is not easy

Facing death

Ordinary people who are not related to the medical department, if they think of the corpse, there should be a fear of fear immediately. Regarding the disappearance of corruption and existence after death, as well as the specific actual situation, it is very natural to feel disgust or fear.
Doctors are just ordinary people. For doctors, facing a corpse is also a very difficult thing, and this matter is not just facing the corpse. It can be ended because there are various The reason for imagination must reveal the cause of death of the corpse in front of you, and examine the corpse well, or do the opposite of instinct. This is also the first thing that must be adapted to become a doctor. The so-called work is to be able to complete the task by welcoming directly to the object to be dealt with.
Most people can adapt to their work very quickly, the same is true for doctors. When faced with the impact of death and supported by a sense of mission for the past several times, at a certain moment, they will find that they have no longer been responsible for most deaths. Feeling shaken. Most doctors have gone through the same process. The moment when they first faced the anatomical corpse, or the first time they witnessed the gradual disappearance of human life and became a corpse, they can always remember quite clearly. For a long time, at a certain moment, I found myself feeling a bit dull and numb about the death of someone in front of me.
After going through this process, I gradually became a bit dull and numb. Even if there are many corpses in front of me, I am almost no longer afraid. Those are the tasks I must do, and the medical team around me is the same, even if there are In the corpse's room, you can also organize things without suspense, and confirm the status of other patients through the computer screen. But there is still something that is difficult to adapt to anyway, that is, oneself responsible for the death of the patient. It is my responsibility to treat the patient according to my instructions, but the patient is still dead. It is not easy to get used to this process. So I have a habit that I will look at this corpse that I have personally declared to die, but the body still has residual temperature, and review the whole process repeatedly.
From the moment when I opened my mouth, the moment I said the name before birth, this person officially died. In order to organize the scene, the family members who were crying and losing their voices were invited out, leaving only the medical staff to mechanically deal with the body. At this time, I would take a stepped folding chair and sit on it in line with the eyes of the deceased. Turning the dead man's face to the side.
Every time the face of the deceased clearly shows the cause of death. If the liver or kidneys cause problems, the face will appear waxy or black, and even the eyes will change color; if it is a person who died due to aging, the face will look very similar to the skull bones and generally very thin; if it is trauma or vomiting blood, the dead Your face will appear a blur of flesh and blood; if you take poison, the medicine will flow out of the corner of the mouth. Looking at the mouth slightly open, or the blood-stained face until the last moment, this is a ritual that I must go through, and it is also a consciousness of my own.
The medical staff walked back and forth in a hurry, the door was closed, I could not see the inside from the outside, in the large recovery room, I looked at the deceased every time, and I recalled every medical treatment I had instructed. The timetable recites from beginning to end, and also repeatedly talks about the reaction of the living body before the death, and repeatedly recalls the process and appearance of the dead before his death. This is not just the confirmation of the data or the mandatory process of the regulations, but the thing of the person who was alive and breathing in front of me, and I once again chewed this process.
I have done my best every step of the series of processes that happened just now. 
Thinking over and over until I believe this, I have been staring at the face of the deceased, but in medicine, "confidence" is impossible at first, no matter how sure I am, this one looked at me. People, I have to face the result of his death.
Although I will not be afraid of corpses, I feel terrified of "self-blame". Although I have done my best, I will bite my lips every time and say that I have done something wrong. He feels sorry that he cannot help me. Until the time to cover the body with a white cloth and send it to the mortuary, the nurses passing by patted me lightly. At this point, I thought about all the things just now, the face of the dead person, as if pressed heavily On my shoulder. I must continue to think in this way in order to understand the death of this person, and then to accept the death of others by lessening the sense of self-blame.


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