Can you live longer without ejaculation? Professor cracks the health myth of "Gujing"

Can you live longer without ejaculation? Professor cracks the health myth of "Gujing"

Hello, Professor Lin. I would like to ask whether the frequency of ejaculation in this article includes masturbation in addition to sexual intercourse This article does give a very clear understanding, because there is a scientific basis. I have previously read an explanation about kidney qi in traditional Chinese medicine. The reason why I have very little sex, once a month. After masturbating without ejaculation, would this increase the risk of prostate cancer? Professor Lin please give advice. thanksgiving
Excessive sex? This article was published on 2016-10-28, and so far I have only received such a response. This shows that most of the readers of my website are people who already know "Fate of Heaven". However, in spite of this, I decided to write this article, because the question raised by this reader involved a thousand years of health myths.
Let’s review too much sex first The main point of this article: A retrospective paper published in 2016 stated that men who have 21 or more ejaculations per month have a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than men who ejaculate 4 to 7 times per month (Note: Including sexual intercourse and masturbation ejaculation). This paper is from Harvard University, and the top 5 of its 6 authors are all women, so it is impossible for it to be woven by boys, and it is a blind eye to abduct girls to have more sex. As for why more frequent ejaculation, the lower the risk of prostate cancer, the current unproven explanation is that ejaculation can remove harmful substances that may irritate or damage the prostate.
Okay, now we can talk about "Chinese Medicine", "Small Sex" by reader bryan, and "There is no ejaculation for masturbation."
The formation and evolution of Chinese medicine theory is deeply influenced by Taoism, especially in terms of health, and it is also regarded as a rule. As early as the Zhou and Qin periods, the technique of keeping in good health was formed, and the most influential person at that time was Lao Zi. He believes that sexual desire consumes essence energy and makes people aging, so he advocates abstinence and preservation. However, after the Han and Wei Dynasties, Fang Zhongshu's viewpoint changed significantly, from "abstinence and preservation of essence" to "indulgence and closure of essence". For example, Sun Simiao, a Tang Taoist priest who was regarded as a god of medicine and a king of medicine in later generations, said in his masterpiece "Thousand Gold Essentials": "But those who can control the twelve daughters without the diarrhoea are unattractive and attractive. If the ninety-three females are able to fix themselves, long live it."
In other words, if you want to live a long life, the more women you want, the better, but the key is to keep the fine. It is not known whether "Twelve" and "Ninety-three" are personal experiences or are blind. What is certain is that whether it is Lao Tzu's "Sexual Abstinence" or Sun Simiao's "Sensual Closed Essence", semen is regarded as a man's spirit and must be kept. This is why until now many people worry that ejaculation will harm their health. This is why there are a lot of Bushen Gujing pills on the market. This is why reader bryan will try to avoid sexual intercourse and avoid ejaculation when masturbating.
However, from the time of Lao Tzu to the present, two or three thousand years ago, no one has ever lived a hundred years because of the practice of immobilization, let alone long lived. Monks and Catholics are not married, but they have not lived longer. Conversely, most centenarians Rui have wives, and some even have grandchildren.
As far as modern medicine is concerned, although there is no research on "Gujing", at least there have not been patients with "hyperejaculation frequent syndrome". In fact, all studies have pointed out that normal sex (including ejaculation, of course) is good for health. As for whether avoiding ejaculation will increase the risk of prostate cancer, the answer is that there have never been such cases. But no matter what, the absurd traditional Chinese medicine thinking of "Gu Jing" must be completely eliminated. This is why I am writing this article that is not useful to many readers.


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