Before breast augmentation, you must see a doctor to remind that cancer is not the only risk

Before breast augmentation, you must see a doctor to remind that cancer is not the only risk

Wanting to have a devil figure is the deepest desire of many women. With breast augmentation , it is attractive to attract the eye, but there are hidden risks. In Europe and the United States, breast augmentation women are suspected to have cancer caused by villi implants. Breast surgeons reminded, Putting foreign objects in the body itself is a risky behavior, ranging from "wavy milk" and "high and low milk" to affect the appearance, and it may be due to differences in physique, excessive reaction to foreign bodies, poor immunity infection, so painful that it is sent to the emergency department for emergency removal , Spend a lot of money to upgrade the cup, but the mood is not beautiful.
The US FDA has warned in 2011 that some anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) may be associated with breast implants. In this regard, Du Shixing, director of the Beijing Medical Breast Medicine Center and executive director of the Breast Medicine Association, said that although the current domestic clinical temporary There are no ALCL cases suspected of breast augmentation, but the public still needs to have medical knowledge in this area as one of the risk projects before breast augmentation.
Carcinogenicity is not the only risk of breast augmentation. Du Shixing said that if the operation of breast augmentation surgery, the recipient's own poor disease or taking immunosuppressive agents may increase the risk of infection. Each body type is different, so not everyone is suitable for breast augmentation. When the body is more sensitive to foreign objects, it may cause excessive pain due to excessive reaction of the hard tissue without infection, which must be removed by emergency surgery.
Du Shixing said that most of the patients who came to the clinic because of breast augmentation failed because of "beauty" problems. Breast implants are divided into saline bags and silicone generation according to the material. It will be deformed. If some of the content leaks out, the texture of the breast may change, and there will be lumps and wavy "wavy milk", or asymmetrical "high and low milk".
Chen Xigen, chairman of the Plastic Surgery Medical Association, reminded that self-maintenance after breast augmentation is almost the same as before breast augmentation. Under the premise of not exceeding the life span, flying or hot springs will not be broken. Remember that three to six months after surgery requires ultrasound tracking. After 40 years of age, a breast health check is performed every year. When the breast is inexplicably swollen or has lumps, you should see a doctor immediately. In addition, properly preserve the model card of breast implant provided by the original factory, or the medical records of breast augmentation cases, which can be used as a reference for future medical treatment.


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