Apply lotion to maintain skin after washing face? Dermatologist: more than one thing

Apply lotion to maintain skin after washing face? Dermatologist: more than one thing
After washing the face, applying lotion and lotion is a maintenance process that many women are accustomed to. But in the eyes of doctors, lotion is simply superfluous. Not only can it not reduce oil and shrink pores, it may even hurt the skin due to excessive cleaning, breaking the maintenance myth.
The "Rumor Zone" of the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare recently pointed out that Internet rumors say that after washing your face, you must use lotion for maintenance, which is actually a wrong myth.
The FDA explained that the main purpose of make-up water is to provide skin moisture and temporary moisturization , but because of insufficient oil and fat ingredients, it cannot form a water-retaining film like a cream or lotion. Repeated application will only make the face dry and wet for a long time, which may cause skin Dryer; in addition, the main component of the lotion is water, the skin cuticle has enough water after washing the face, and the lotion is not a necessity for maintenance.
Qiu Zuman, director of the Department of Light Therapy of the Dermatology Department of Changhua Christian Hospital, said that the main purpose of the lotion is to clean and converge the skin again. The reason why this product came out is that the cleaning power of facial cleansing products in early years is weak, even after washing the face , Oil is still easy to remain on the face, affecting the makeup effect.
Most of the lotion contains alcohols, and the absorption of cotton pads to wipe the skin can take away the oil and produce the feeling of "cleaning again", and the volatilization of alcohols brings a cooling sensation, and also makes people have the illusion of converging pores.
Qiu Zuman said that nowadays face-washing products are constantly being updated, and the cleansing power is quite sufficient. There is no need to clean again with toner, especially if the cleansing power of the face-washing product is too strong, it will destroy the sebum film required by the normal skin of the face and break the skin. The original weak acidity, if you use the lotion containing alcohol, it will destroy the skin again. According to clinical observation, most patients with sensitive skin on the face in the clinic are over-cleaned before they experience discomfort.
She emphasized that many lotions often claim to converge pores, often relying on ingredients such as silica gel and various powders that can absorb oil to achieve these effects, making pores look less obvious and not greasy, but they can’t actually make Pores shrink.
As for those who want to use makeup water to achieve whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne or anti-aging effects, Qiu Zuman admitted that it may be possible to use lotion or essence directly. After all, the most content of the makeup water is water, and the rest of the ingredients are very small.
If you want to have a supple skin, the simpler the type of cosmetics you use, the better. Qiu Zuman recommends that after washing your face, as long as the skin is still moisturized, quickly apply moisturizing products to lock the water molecules, and rub it before going out in the morning. Sunscreen lotion, face care is done, saving money and beneficial to skin health.


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