Advanced lung adenocarcinoma health insurance pays new target relay to prolong survival

Advanced lung adenocarcinoma health insurance pays new target relay to prolong survival

There are new advances in the treatment of lung cancer . A 68-year-old farming man who went to a big hospital for coughing for three consecutive weeks four years ago was diagnosed with advanced lung adenocarcinoma and had transferred it to his brain and bones. He followed the doctor's treatment plan; Fortunately, the test results show that it has the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutation. The first line is to use the second generation of target drugs . The treatment has so far not only successfully inhibited tumor growth, but also did not have much side effects during the period.
In April of this year, the old peasant's tumor showed signs of deterioration and was confirmed to be T790M mutation. It coincided with the third-generation target drug paid through the second-line health insurance, that is, continued to use the third-generation target drug treatment. The thoracic physician estimates that because the old farmer has used target drug therapy, it is expected to have a longer survival period in the future.
Wang Jinzhou, a thoracic physician at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Hospital, said that lung cancer is divided into four stages. After clinical diagnosis of lung cancer, about 80% of people are advanced (stages 3 and 4), including family history of lung cancer, air pollution, oil smoke and other factors. It is a risk factor; most non-smokers are lung adenocarcinomas, and up to 60% of them have EGFR gene mutations, of which the proportion of women is higher.
Wang Jinzhou said that 20 years ago, it was difficult for patients with advanced lung cancer to survive for more than one year. Although it was not curative, it was also less suitable for surgery. Targeted therapy was used to extend the overall survival rate. After the third-generation target drugs continue to appear, it is found that more than half of the patients have an overall survival rate of more than 4 years, which can take into account a better quality of life, and the Health Insurance Department will also target the third-generation target from April 1 this year. The drug is included in the health insurance. AirPlus has used the target drug in the first line and has a T790M mutation.
However, Wang Jinzhou also said that patients should also be aware that side effects such as rash, paronychia, and mild diarrhea may occur when using the above-mentioned target drugs; it is recommended that lung cancer patients can be genetically tested before treatment, such as EGFR, ALK, ROSE1 and other genes have health insurance Pay to find the corresponding target drugs for treatment.


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