10 times magnification of the field of vision "Da Vinci" used in weight loss surgery

10 times magnification of the field of vision "Da Vinci" used in weight loss surgery
With the advancement of science and technology, after the advent of the Da Vinci robotic arm, it continues to challenge the limits that humans cannot reach, making surgical operations even more powerful. In March this year, a pair of overseas mothers and daughters returned to Taiwan to seek medical treatment. The hospital used the latest fourth-generation Da Vinci arm to perform a single-hole stomach reduction operation. The postoperative wound was small and the recovery was fast. He was discharged after 48 hours. Go out shopping in 5 days, a medical trip is as relaxing as a vacation.
Cai Mingxian, director of the International Weight Loss Center and Department of Surgery of E- Da Hospital , said that Da Vinci robotic arm was first used in obstetrics and gynecology and urology. After that, gastrointestinal surgery, general surgery and weight-loss surgery have gradually begun to be used. Da Vinci is used for routine operations such as liver, pancreas, and biliary tract. It is currently the only medical institution in the south that uses the fourth-generation Da Vinci arm.
Cai Mingxian said that the mother and daughter who returned to Taiwan for medical treatment, Taiwanese mothers have lived abroad for a long time, and their daughters live in Dubai. Both mothers and daughters weigh more than 70 kilograms, have a round body, and are "boundary obesity". high. In view of the risk of diabetes, the mother and daughter considered weight loss and weight loss, and controlled blood sugar together, but also worried about the beauty of the postoperative wound, and finally decided to undergo Da Vinci single hole stomach reduction surgery.
The EDA International Weight Loss Center also used a Da Vinci arm to help an 80-year-old man remove gastric cancer two years ago. Minister Cai said that the elderly weighed 106 kg and the blood sugar often soared to more than 300. When treating gastric cancer, the medical team can do it together. Stomach reduction surgery is used to control diabetes. He is discharged from the hospital within a week, and his fasting blood glucose level also drops below 100. It only requires diet control and no medication to lower blood sugar.
There are more than 400 cases of Da Vinci surgery treated by EDA Hospital . The patients have small postoperative wounds and fast recovery. Taking liver cancer patients as an example, traditional laparotomy is used, and the hospitalization needs at least 1 to 2 weeks. Laparoscopic or Da Vinci surgery Someone can be discharged in 3 days.
At present, Taiwan's endoscopic surgery is well developed. Why do major hospitals continue to use new Da Vinci arms? Cai Mingxian believes that Da Vinci surgery has a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image and a 10x magnification simulation flexible machine wrist, which can break through the technical difficulties of the minimally invasive surgery in the past. Even small nerves or blood vessels can be finely sutured and hemostasis, making difficult surgery More handy, it can be said to be a major innovation in surgery.


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